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10 Best Highlighters for Radiant Beauty

Finding a great highlighter can be difficult because there are so many different types of skin and so many highlighter options available. Our convenient guide of the 10 best highlighter options will help you to figure out which ones will help you look glowing and fresh all of the time.

All of the highlighters that you will find in this article were chosen based on the reviews they have received, their usability and affordability. Beginners and experts alike can use any of the highlighters included in this list.

10. e.l.f. Baked Highlighter, Moonlight Pearl

The neutral undertones that are in this highlighter make it ideal for any type of skin. It is one of the most affordable highlighters, provides a nice glow and lasts on the face for hours. The soothing mineral oils allow it to soften your skin without creating a greasy, “pancake” effect on the rest of your face. It is lightweight and provides a subtle glow. Applied to the cheekbones and just above the bow of the lip allows your face to appear angelically iridescent without making you look like a unicorn or fairy princess.

9. Shouhengda Highlighter Stick Shimmer Cream Powder

Those with fair skin know how hard it can be to find a highlighter that gives them the glow that they are looking for without completely washing them out. The Shouhengda stick is the best highlighter for fair skin because it is neutral and provides just a hint of shimmer to the skin. It does not have a strong base color that would potentially wash a person with fair skin out. It gets bonus points for being waterproof to allow you to truly feel like the mermaid you are.

8. Maybelline New York Master Strobing Stick

This Maybelline stick is perfect for precision highlighting. If you want to highlight just your brow bones, the top of your cheeks or the small area right above your lip, this is the best highlighter for that. Unlike many stick highlighters, this one includes small pearls that are able to combine with the creamy texture of the highlighter just like you would see with a traditional powder highlighter.

7. Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

This highlighter is the best highlighter for tan skin. It provides the right type balance with the rosy undertones that it has. For those who have tan skin, this provides the perfect highlight without putting too much of the same color. It is easy to use, lightweight, stays put all day and is made with ingredients that are actually good for your skin. It is a liquid illuminator and can be brushed right onto the skin with the nail polish-style packaging.

6. Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter

With just a hint of shimmer on it, the Makeup Revolution provides the perfect glow for any type of day. Use with a stiff face brush for precise application and something larger, like a Kabuki, for an all-over application. This brand works to provide high-quality makeup for every makeup need. It is sheer and can be used on any color skin.

5. L’Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator

As one of the only full-liquid options on the list, this highlighter gives you the true match technology that makes it easy for you to get the right color for your skin. While the highlighter is still sheer, it uses technology to help it adjust to the tones of your skin. It is the best drugstore highlighter because of the ease of use and the price.

4. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Don’t let the quirky packaging of this highlighter fool you. It is one of the best highlighters available and provides a great amount of illumination to the face. It is great for both day and night wear. You can use just a little of it for that touch of light you need on your face during the day (read: while at work), and then throw on just a little more at night. You’ll look like a goddess when the moonlight (or strobe light) hits your face as you dance the night away.

3. Julep Glow Highlighting Powder

The champagne color of this highlighter makes it the best highlighter for dark skin. It is in pressed powder form with just a little bit of shimmer to make it easier for you to see where you are applying it. Unlike some of the other brands that were designed specifically for dark skin, it does not have an obviously tan base and blends well no matter the color of your skin. It does not stand out like some of the red-based highlighters or white base highlighters.

2. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

Not only will this highlight give you the exact glow that you need but it will nourish your skin while doing so! The company created the formula to be good for the skin. It has a small amount of shimmer in it to show off the parts that you want to highlight. It is the best highlighter if you are looking for something simple that is in powder form and easy to use. If you use a stiff brush with it, you’ll be able to get the exact application that you need. It is long lasting and can easily take you from all of your day looks to your night looks.

1. Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl

Another Benefit favorite, the Girl Meets Pearl highlighter is the best highlighter if you want the most precise application. It is also perfect for girls on the go as it doesn’t even require a brush to be able to use. The roll-on formula is nongreasy and provides you with the right amount of shimmer to make you look pearly without going overboard on the amount of sparkle.

Final Word

The list was created to give everyone different options depending on their skin type and the highlighter they normally use. Remember, the best highlighter for you is one that you are comfortable with using and makes you feel great about the way you look. Each of these is listed because they’re easy to use, affordable and versatile for different skin types and makeup preferences. Balance your favorite highlighter with the perfect bronzer for a fantastic glow. Try one of the recommended highlighters that we listed here and let us know what you think about it below.

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Author: Marla O’Sullivan

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