Emerald Green is the Color of 2013

Emerald Green is the Color of 2013

Every respectable woman should keep a close eye on what is happening in the fashion world. Learn more about the latest trends, get inspired, and find your dream dress! Find the clothes which best suit your style, the most wanted bags and the hottest shoes. Here is what the fashion world has in-store for us in 2013.

You probably already know that the color for this year, according to the notorious company Pantone, is emerald green. Every year, Pantone polls designers and brands about colors, and after counting the votes, the color for the year was selected. This is great news, because green is easy to wear and accessorize, it flatters almost every body shape, and it goes with red, black, beige, silver and yellow. Not only is it a vibrant color which attracts attention, but it also makes a woman shine! Just try to wear an emerald green dress to an occasion, and I am sure that you will not go unnoticed.

The executive producer of Pantone says that the color for 2013 exerts a fascinating magnetism. From a symbolic point of view it evokes renewal, clarity and youth, elements which are essential in the complex world of fashion. If you don’t have any green clothes in your closet yet, it is time to make some new acquisitions and apply some changes to your wardrobe, and if you already have it, then try to modify your pieces to best suit your style.

Lively, radiant and lush, green is considered the color of beauty which enhances our sense of well being, balance and harmony. According to Leatrice Eisemann, green is the most abundant hue in nature, and the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum, so it seems only fitting for it to become the color of the year.

Not only is this color easily applicable in fashion, it is also easy to assort in indoor design and in the jewelry industry. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Moss and Angelina Jolie have already made the first step, with their latest appearances on the red carpet, and if you switch the channel to fashion TV you will learn that the most famous designers ( Tracy Reese, Nanette Lepore and Marimekko ) have also included emerald green in their latest collections.

Although the fashion world has given mixed signals, and not all designers are comfortable with this choice, there is no arguing with the trend setters, and it seems that everyone who is anyone will be making an attempt to use hue in their upcoming collections.

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