Natural Make-Up Styles for Hooded Eyes

Natural Make-Up Styles for Hooded Eyes

The best daytime make-up is a light and subtle one, which is meant to accentuate your beautiful features, and conceal the small imperfections. Heavy make-up doesn’t look good, and it can harm the skin if used in excess. Some of the best colors to use during day time are nudes, earth tones and light blue. The first thing you should consider before applying your make-up is the shape of the eye. Hooded eyes for example are a shape of the eye where the upper lid is totally or partially covered when you open them, and are very difficult to properly make-up.

Do not fret! There are a lot of celebrities with hooded eyes, and this means you have plenty of examples you can choose from. However you must understand that this type of shape requires the right amount of light and dark colors, mascara and eyeliner in order to look good.

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Here a few tips for a casual, daytime look.

  • The base: As I said before, the best colors to use during the day are natural colors. After applying your concealer ( if you need to hide some skin imperfections ), use a neutral tone for the crease of the eye. What this eye shadow does, is highlight the lid.

  • The Eyelid: The next step is to apply a light tone ( white, light pink, yellow etc.. ) on the eyelid. Try to concentrate on the lash line in order to make it more visible when the eyes are open. Light colors make the eyes look bigger than they actually are.

  • Highlighter: This is probably the most important part of the make up. The trick is to use a sparkly or vividly colored shadow so as to draw attention to the eyes. Create depth by focusing especially on the V shaped area made by the inner corners of the eyes.

  • The Eyeliner: It is quite difficult to correctly apply eyeliner, and you can even skip this step, if you want to have a more natural look. However if you have a darker skin, eyeliner can prove to be very useful.

  • Mascara: After you have finished with the eyeshadow, liner and concealer, powder or blush, apply the mascara. It plays a great part in the finished looks, and it makes the eyes really stand out.

  • Lip Color: For a natural feel pick a color which matches your lips, and apply with a lip liner or directly from the tube.

Many makeup items today have a certain radiance or interesting pigment, which means there are many colors and great eyeshadow you can choose from. Be inventive, and try to create a pallette which best suites your eyes.

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