The Bohemian Chic Clothing Style

The Bohemian Chic Clothing Style

Women have been and always will be fashion conscious whether they are willing to accept it or not: even our strictest teacher wearing nothing but white shirts and black, knee length skirts day after day had a fashion sense she was not willing to ignore. And after finishing school, where you did or did not wear uniforms, most of us girls start experimenting with different styles, from goth and punk to office chic and even hippie-derived styles.

Out of these, bohemian-chic is something that has slowly but surely started to gain favor in the eyes of celebrities and designers alike, and it represents a dress-sense that combines elegance with bohemian and even hippie influences.

Bohemian Chic Clothing Style

From beading and embroidery to cowboy boots, elements of the boho-chic style are as varied as it comes: long, flowy dresses, vaporous materials, furry gilets, belts and simple accessories, sheepskin boots, tunics, baggy cardigans and hanging bags. The style has been associated with Sienna Miller after her appearance at the Glastonbury Festival of 2004, and as her style changed so did boho-chic, when in 2006 it moved towards the so-called boho-rock when metals became the new accessory.

Bohemian Chic Clothing Style
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After 2005 the style went downhill, being declared dead by The Times style director, Tina Gaudoin. but made a comeback in 2008 when the look was considered to be perfect for summer also because of Zooey Deschanel’s appearance on the cover of BlackBook magazine in a swimsuit that exuded boho-chic.

The style was brought into the attention of the media by Sienna Miller, but other stars such as Lindsay Lohan or Kate Moss are considered exemplars and trendsetters creating a phenomenon called fast fashion where meeting the high demand ( when one of these stars wore something, girls everywhere wanted to buy it right away ) caused firms such as Zara to flourish and become leading proponents.

Of course the style was taken a step further when leather jackets were paired up with chiffon dresses and biker boots, metal accessories and anything with skulls on it, when the Olsen sisters took the gothic look which was in vogue again and incorporated it in the bohemian style with their clothing label The Row.

Either way you look at it, bohemian-chic is not only controversial but a way of expression for many young ladies who roam stores in search for chiffon numbers to pair with their recently acquired pair of boots – it may seem peculiar at first but give it a moment and the style will surely grow on you.

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