The Most Beautiful Wedding Dress Types

The Most Beautiful Wedding Dress Types

Fashion is one of the many perks of being a woman. We are always preoccupied with the way we look, the way people see us and what is hot in the fashion world Although the fashion industry has had a major impact on the way we dress, we always try to add a little personal twist to our clothes.

Being admired and envied, is what we love most, and there are some occasions when we have to look spectacular. 

The wedding for example, is the one moment in our lifetime when we are the center of the universe. Not to disregard the groom, but there is nothing more beautiful, than a beautiful bride. This means we have to impress! Luckily, there world of fashion and wedding dresses is very diverse. No matter what type of dress you choose, it will never be out of fashion  Brides usually want to be different, yet radiant  and their dream dress must make them look perfect. Here are a few typical, and atypical wedding dress types.

The princess wedding dress:

  • has a corset and a volume at the bottom

  • it flatters tall brides with thin waist and wide hips

  • the corsed has to be tight on the breasts

  • it is extremely spectacular

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The type A wedding dress

  • it looks good on any type of body

  • it is tight on the upper part, and the lower part looks like the letter A

  • it flatters the shoulders and breasts

  • best suited for short people

  • it hides the belly and hips

  • it is the best selling dress type

The „Siren” wedding dress

  • the siren wedding dress follows the shape of the body

  • it is important to choose a dress with a good quality seam and material.

  • Best suited for girls with amazing bodies, who want to highlight their shape

  • it is perfect for short women

The Baby-doll wedding dress

  • it suites any type of body shape

  • the waist is marked under the bust

  • it makes the legs look longer

  • it higlights the breasts

The Empire wedding dress

  • influenced by the classic style of Greek dress

  • fluid form, suites every body shape

  • refined aspect

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