Make-Up According to Hair and Eye Color

The Right Make-Up for Your Hair Color

Every woman wants shiny, silky, healthy, dynamic, expressive and easy to style hair, exactly like movie stars. Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and it is the most defining element in a woman’s appearance. Hair is also essential when we are trying to choose our make-up. Do not ignore your hair color when you choose the colors of your make-up. Hair has a major impact on the overall look, and by complementing it with your make up, your eyes will stand out and you will look more beautiful. Before applying your make up you should know that:

  • The lighter the iris color, the darker the make-up shade you should choose.

  • Cream, beige, brown, and nudes look good on every women, no matter their eye color, hair style or complexion.

  • If you have black eyes, then you are very lucky, because this means you can use whatever color you like.


Brown hair, makes the complexion look tarnished, this means you should illuminate it with neutral colors and vivid eyeshadow.

  • Brown Eyes: navy blue, purple, indigo, violet, beige, brown, scarlet

  • Blue Eyes: chocolate brown during the day-time, and strong purple for evening make-up

  • Green Eyes: chocolate brown, purple, pink

  • Use pink and brown for the lips, and pale pink or gold for the cheeks.


Darker hair colors makes the skin pale and our features stronger. Play with colors in order to highlight your eyes.

  • Brown Eyes: Shades of brown for the day-time, black, gray, violet and navy blue for the evening.

  • Green Eyes: Neutral tones of beige and brown for regular make-up, pink, purple and violet for the evening.

  • Blue Eyes: nudes for day-time make-up, smokey eyes and gray eyeshadow for the nighttime.

  • Use brown, prune or purple lip-gloss, and brown for the cheeks.


Red hair accentuates the red spots on our skin. To counterbalance this effect you should use a strong concealer and brown make-up colors.

  • Brown Eyes: Shades of brown, cream, beige, dark brown and copper, violet, green and purple. Stay away from yellow and orange.

  • Green Eyes: Violet, brown and beige

  • Blue Eyes: Copper, bronze, rusted browns and dark gray

  • Use peach, nude, light brown and pink for the lips, and brown or peach or the cheeks.


Grizzled hair makes the color drain from the face. Revitalize it by using brave colors, and cold tones.

  • Brown Eyes: brown, gold, yellow-pink

  • Green Eyes: gray shades

  • Blue Eyes: Light beige and gray

  • Try something different, choose a strong aqua blue, or electric blue eyeliner, coral for the cheeks and hot red for the lips.


Blondes look best with light, pastel tones. High contrasts create an uneven look.

  • Brown Eyes: light gray, beige, brown, gold for regular make-up, blue, pink, intense purple and indigo for evening make-up.

  • Green Eyes: neutral shades of gray, purple, purple.

  • Blue Eyes: gold, and bronze.

  • Use brown eyeliner, pale pink blush and peach gloss.

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